lauantai 19. elokuuta 2017

Time to leave

Time to leave is never easy! But I´m not sad and even, I don´t know how I could be sad because today I have done again only funny activities: First, when I have opened my eyes, I saw a big blue sky, the sun was shining like the day before!

Then we went for a dive transect. I took some samples during the dive. Then I drove the boat Maia. Each time I’m  driving a boat I feel very peaceful.

For example, on Wednesday, the weather was very dark, our team has became smaller and I was feeling sad to see person one after another leaving. But then I have driven Maia and the wind and the sea have washed myself. I was not sad anymore. I was peaceful. Essi told me also a right thing:  She prefers to have met people even if it’s sad to see them leaving, instead of having not met them at all. And she is right! I’m glad to have met such beautiful individuals, to have spent such a good time, to have discovered a wonderful country and a job that could be a passion!
So I did the big jump, and I loved that!

Rahmona Belgaid

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